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Phin Upham, attended the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he won numerous awards for his research and served in leading community service roles. Phin edited a successful book titled Philosophers in Conversation in 2002 that was translated into Mandarin and sold in the US, Europe and China and has since edited two more. Phin has written a nationally syndicated newspaper column and had his work published in numerous scholarly journals.

Phin Upham works as an investor where he previously worked doing financial research and analysis for a bulge-bracket investment bank and most recently in macro-economic and technology investing at a leading hedge fund. Upham’s community service involvement has been extensive including serving as the youngest member of the Board of the University of Pennsylvania Museum’s Young Friends where he led major aspects of its community outreach in West Philadelphia and was responsible for all graduate student involvement in the Museum. He received his undergraduate degree with Honors from Harvard University. He is a Term Member at the Council on Foreign Relations.

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  • Founder of Russian Social Media Says He Got the Boot April 23, 2014
    Pavel Durov, the founder of Russia's most popular social network site, claims he has been ousted by allies of President Vladimir Putin -- who went ahead and took over the site while they were at it. Durov, who ran the mega-popular VKontakte, had reportedly run afoul of the Russian government for refusing to heed requests to censor posts on the site. […]
    David Vranicar
  • Stealthy Assassin Series Hitman GO Makes a Luscious Board Game April 23, 2014
    I can safely say that I never would have imagined turning the Hitman video game series into a luscious dioramic board game for iOS. Lucky for us, that's what Square Enix did with last week's Hitman GO release. Apple featured the game in the App Store, and for good reason: The graphical representation of the boards you play on is a visual feast. […]
    Chris Maxcer
  • Apple Shoots for 'Better' April 22, 2014
    In honor of this year's Earth Day, celebrated Tuesday, Apple is showcasing its efforts to lessen its carbon footprint and become more environmentally sustainable as part of its 'Better' Campaign. The company released new promotional material, including a video narrated by Tim Cook, that outlines its commitment to increasing energy efficiency i […]
    Rachelle Dragani
  • Popular UK Sports File-Sharing Site Shuttered April 22, 2014
    The Sports Torrent Network, a brazenly named file-sharing site, shut down after UK police threatened to put its operators behind bars for up to 10 years. TSTN was a hotbed for illicit broadcasts of European soccer, the National Hockey League, Formula 1 races and more. The site reportedly had about 20,000 members, making it "possibly the largest site of […]
    David Vranicar
  • Wearables Just Don't Do It for Nike April 22, 2014
    Nike appears to be retreating from its vanguard position in the computer wearables market. The company reportedly has begun slashing the engineering team working on its FuelBand product, a fitness computer that can be worn on a wrist, laying off as many as 55 of the 70-person team working on FuelBand. However, Nike subsequently insisted the FuelBand was stil […]
    John P. Mello Jr.
  • Heartbleed and Heartache in FOSS Town April 22, 2014
    Well it's been a wild few weeks here in the Linux blogosphere, thanks not just to XP's demise but also the long-overdue discovery of the all-pervasive Heartbleed bug. That the bug is "catastrophic" appears to be beyond dispute; in fact, "some might argue that it is the worst vulnerability found ... since commercial traffic began to f […]
    Katherine Noyes
  • Data Center Fire Fries Samsung's Un-Backed-Up Servers April 21, 2014
    A fire that erupted at the data center of Samsung SDS in Gwacheon, South Korea, reportedly took out services to Samsung smartphones, tablets and smart TVs for several hours. The company reportedly stopped all services offered through its website and smartphone apps, and said consumers could not use its online payment services or receive text message confirma […]
    Richard Adhikari
  • Banking Trojan Enters Mobiles via Facebook April 21, 2014
    Purveyors of a notorious mobile banking Trojan have started targeting Facebook users to infect Android smartphones. The Net predators use a desktop Trojan to leverage a Facebook socializer to install banking malware on their phone, ESET malware researcher Jean-Ian Boutin discovered last week. The desktop bad app, Win32/Qadars, waits for an infected machine t […]
    John P. Mello Jr.
  • Transcendence and Analytics: What If the End of Mankind as We Know It Were a Good Thing? April 21, 2014
    I saw the movie Transcendence last week, and it was an impressive telling of what might happen were we to achieve singularity. Given this is likely where AI research is taking us and that analytics is a major component to getting there, I not only recommend the movie as entertainment but also as a means to wrapping your head around what we must correct befor […]
    Rob Enderle
  • NASA and Google Do the Tango April 18, 2014
    Google's Project Tango smartphone, which is jam-packed with sensors, soon will be used in the International Space Station. NASA will swap out the smartphones it has used on two volleyball-sized free-flying satellites since 2011 with the Tango devices. NASA has flown modified Tango phones several times on an aircraft that can simulate microgravity by tak […]
    Richard Adhikari

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  • Instagram Diverges From Vine By Personalizing Explore Tab April 23, 2014
     Rather than just sunsets from foreign countries and selfies by fashion models, Instagram's Explore page is now also personalized with top photos and videos Liked by people you follow. Personalization highlights Instagram's focus on your own social graph and a subjective vision of beauty, to contrast with Vine, which centers around re-sharing and g […]
    Josh Constine
  • Former NSA Head To Become Columnist For Conservative Paper To Discuss Intelligence April 23, 2014
     Former General Michael Hayden, former head of the NSA, has a new gig writing for the conservative Washington Times. His column will be titled "Inside Intelligence," ironically, as he no longer is. Gen. Hayden is best known for his complete support of the NSA's surveillance programs, including his admission that XKeyscore is real, and his infa […]
    Alex Wilhelm
  • Glider, The TechStars And Disrupt Alum, Acquired By Sales Software Firm FPX April 23, 2014
     Glider, the Portland-based startup that makes a software-as-a-service product for streamlining and adding clarity to the process of negotiating and signing sales and business contracts, has been acquired by Dallas-based sales software company FPX. Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed, but it appears that this is not simply an acqui-hire or “s […]
    Colleen Taylor
  • Codecademy Moves To Be A One-Stop-Shop For Programming Education April 23, 2014
     Since its launch two years ago Codecademy has become synonymous with online education for basic computer programming. In that time, the company says it’s learned a few things itself and today launched a newly redesigned website with an enhanced framework for teaching more than just the nuts and bolts of programming. In some ways it’s the company’s attempt t […]
    Jonathan Shieber
  • Clipix Partners With Credit Saison, One Of Japan’s Largest Credit Card Issuers April 23, 2014
     Visual bookmarking and online curation tool Clipix today announced that it has partnered with Credit Saison, Japan's third-largest credit card issuer, to integrate Credit Saison's a-q-f-.com Eikyufumetsu loyalty program into its tools. With this, the more than 25 million users of this program can now use Clipix to bookmark items they want to buy f […]
    Frederic Lardinois
  • Talixo, Yet Another European Taxi App Startup, Gets Backed April 23, 2014
     Now that TechCrunch has launched galleries I'm thinking of lining one up to illustrate the proliferation of on-demand car services/taxi apps in Europe. Earlier today there was Estonia's Taxify. And here's another one pulling in new funding: Talixo hails from Germany but has ambitions to expand beyond its home market down the road. Read More […]
    Natasha Lomas
  • The Start Menu May Return To Windows In August April 23, 2014
     Remember the Start menu? Microsoft is bringing it back. That much is clear enough, as the company announced the forthcoming resurrection at Build earlier this year. But here's something new: The Start Menu is now expected to return in August. Read More […]
    Alex Wilhelm
  • Merus Capital Raises $50 Million For Two Funds April 23, 2014
     Merus Capital has raised over $50 million in new commitments for two new funds, Merus Capital II and Merus Capital Opportunity Fund. The VC firm says its first fund was marked as 4.0x net multiple of investment. One of the firm’s early investments was in ad retargeter AdRoll, which recently announced a $70 million round of financing. Other investments inclu […]
    Leena Rao
  • Google Commits $100M To Help Finance Residential Solar Installs With SunPower April 23, 2014
     Fresh off its agreement to purchase up to 407 MW of wind power for its Iowa data center, Google today announced that it has committed $100 million to create a new fund to help finance the purchase of residential solar installations with SunPower Corporation. The fund, which will also include $150 million from SunPower, is meant to enable a scheme that is si […]
    Frederic Lardinois
  • Facebook Receives U.S. Antitrust Approval For Oculus Deal April 23, 2014
     The U.S. government has approved Facebook's $2 billion acquisition of Oculus VR, following the Federal Trade Commission's examination of the deal. The FTC has determined -- not all that surprisingly -- that the deal would not violate U.S. antitrust laws. This will allow the two companies to move forward in combining forces, though Facebook previou […]
    Sarah Perez


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